How to make ordinary shoes look unique?

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You probably often regret throwing away your shoes that have long become out of fashion, but are still of excellent quality. In such situations, instead of putting them up for sale when you are very attached to them, you should take care of their restoration. DIY is a practical art that can apply to every aspect of your life – including your shoes!

What to keep in mind?

If you want to take care of the proper restoration of your shoes, it’s a good idea to be aware of a few essentials beforehand. There are special products on the market that will clean the leather of your shoes (e.g. Sneakers Cleaners), as well as brushes that are suitable for the leather and will not damage it, while providing quality cleaning of your shoes. Additionally, it’s a good idea to get products that degrease and remove old finishes. Once you have purchased the paint, shake it well before using it and then mix it thoroughly with a brush. If you’re using lighter paint on darker skin, it’s a good idea to use a white paint primer before applying the paint. The same is true when using paint with effects – fluorescent, glitter or metallic. At the end, it is worth applying additional fixation. To help us will come finisher, which will strengthen the color and durability of the coating.

All the colors of the rainbow

The simplest yet glamorous way to revamp your footwear is to repaint it with the color of the season. Often shoes are just an accessory to your outfit and you don’t want to buy another pair or you just don’t want to clutter up your closet with a similar pair of shoes in a different color. Summer is coming and neon colors are king? Decide on one of the perfect products Tarrago in neon shades. You can find fluorescent paints in pink, green or orange. Need a little sparkle? Purchase a kit with glitter. Shoe customization is becoming more and more popular and is often used not just for out-of-fashion pairs but for brand new acquisitions. With paints like these from Tarrago, you can also add just a few elements. A few stars, flowers or geometric patterns here and there – and your shoes will catch everyone’s eye. Above all, DIY teaches you not to waste products. So it’s worth knowing that you can use shoe paint to create something completely new from your old clothes or a handbag you’ve grown tired of. They are perfect for eco-leather, natural grain leather, will look great on jeans or textiles.

Decide on acrylic

A great solution to bring freshness to your spring shoes are acrylic paints for sneaker customization. They are created specifically with shoe restoration in mind. If your sneakers seem dull, off the shelf or just plain unfashionable, acrylic paints will come to your rescue. They are also perfect to use later when refurbishing other pieces of clothing. You can easily apply the acrylic paint with an airbrush or a brush. It is worth remembering that – as with any paint – the right color will not appear after applying the right layer. It is best to apply three or four layers of acrylic paint to get the desired effect. What can be painted with it? Literally everything! You can easily cover the whole surface of the shoe, draw small, precise elements or those a bit bigger. Paint will not limit you in any way.

So that suede doesn’t suffer

Not every paint is suitable for every material. Remember to pay attention to this before you make your purchase! Choosing the wrong paint can only damage your footwear. Manufacturers clearly indicate what you can use the product for in order to allow you to enjoy a top quality result. Therefore, it is important to use a special paint for suede or nubuck shoes suede and nubuck paints. They will allow you to give your shoes a unique look – not create a unique disaster.

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