How to make nail polish from old eye shadow? Easy step by step instructions

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Have you ever fallen down a very expensive eyeshadow palette, and the beloved cosmetic crumbled into a fine poop (forgive the drastic description)? There are ways to save the lives of our makeup friends in such a situation, but today it is not about that. This time we suggest how to create a unique nail polish with their help.

You can use an eyeshadow that fell and crumbled into small pieces, or an old cosmetic that is no longer suitable for applying to your face, or a color that you are simply bored with or liked on the drugstore display and you dream of nails in this shade.


  • eye shadow of your choice (matte or glitter, loose or liquid)
  • nail knife or cutter
  • a small amount of clear nail polish
  • ear buds
  • glitter (if desired)

Crush the shadow (loose version) with a knife or knurl, then pour it into the bottle with the polish. Add enough to get your desired shade. Shake to mix the contents thoroughly. You can also mix the products with an ear stick. Add glitter if you like the glitter effect and shake the bottle. Done! Now you can apply your masterpiece to your natural nail plate or an already laid down layer of polish, creating a unique visual effect.

An additional trick and unusual use for eyeshadow can be to use it during a hybrid manicure. If you have an interesting shadow with glitter in your collection, apply it with a brush on the dried layer of hybrid varnish, then paint with top and harden. This way you will get a unique effect on your nails without having to buy expensive cosmetics in large quantities.

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