Depilation at home – what do you need to do it at home?

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Summer is coming, the weather is getting warmer and the topic of hair removal is coming back. Smooth skin is an essential part of summer outfits, but not all of us feel like visiting a beautician. If you’d rather do it in your own bathroom than at a professional beauty salon, here’s our advice on what to look out for to prevent ingrown hairs and nicks

Reach for the razor

This is definitely an option for the impatient. But although it’s quick and painless, hairs grow back quickly and you’ll need to repeat the process often, even every two days. However, if you’re planning on wearing a knee-length skirt to work and don’t have much time, opting for a razor will be the best option in your case. Be sure to apply a layer of shaving cream to wet skin to prevent chafing and irritation, and to keep your skin smooth and supple. Also, pay attention to the direction of shaving – it’s best done in the direction of hair growth

Reach for the wax

For the more pain-resistant and long-lasting types, we recommend waxing. There’s no denying it’s painful and it takes some practice to perfect the technique, but it’s definitely worth it. It pays off, both in terms of time and money spent on disposable razors. There are two types of epilation with wax:

  • hot wax, which must be heated beforehand and applied with a special spatula;
  • cold wax, i.e. ready-made wax patches, which you simply warm in your hands.

Cold waxing is much more convenient at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to reject the other option in advance. Keep trying, practice different techniques and find the method that best suits your needs. Once you’ve decided to go with hot waxing, everything you’ll need to perform this treatment is provided by medical wholesale. You’ll need: epilation strips, a wax warmer, a cleansing toner (to prepare your skin for the treatment) and special hair growth inhibitor ampoules (to be used every day for two weeks after the treatment for thinner, weaker hairs)

Reach for the cream

This method of epilation is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Unlike the treatment with a razor, the risk of irritation and cuts is low, yet it is a quick and easy method. The hair grows back after a few days after application of the cream, so although it compares better with a razor, it is far behind the long-lasting effect of waxing. When choosing the right depilatory cream, pay attention to the type of skin it is designed for and where it is to be applied. A cream for intimate area epilation will definitely not work for facial epilation and one for legs should not be used in bikini area. By paying attention to the composition of the product, you will save yourself from unpleasantness

What to do after epilation?

To ensure proper hydration, it’s time to soothe irritated skin afterwards. By applying a balm or oil to your freshly waxed legs, you’ll be sure to leave your skin soft and hydrated so you can flaunt your smooth legs in shorts or a skirt. Adding your favourite beauty products to the epilation process will make it more than a chore, but a moment for yourself and a kind of self-care. Taking proper care of your moisturizer will ensure that constant epilation does not become debilitating for your skin.

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