Beach waves are a super trendy hairstyle that never gets boring. Do you know how to create it?

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Beach Waves are a simple, effortless way to style your hair. Good thing, too, that it happens to be a very trendy hairstyle. It suits almost every occasion and can be worn whatever the season and whatever the weather

It looks great with both short and long hair. What’s more, you don’t have to aim for perfection. One of the great things about beach waves is that they’re messy and unstructured. Thanks to these aspects, beach waves are so popular and loved by hairdressers all over the world.

How to make them

You need a curling iron or straightener, which stylists have been using more and more lately to curl hair. Additionally, we can use a flat iron to create different types of waves. You can use your favourite styling product but remember to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the heat with a special balm or spray. Its application will also make your hair shiny and smooth.

Tie your hair secured this way into a high ponytail. Divide it into several parts, for example, separate 5 strands. Start twisting your hair at the ends, leaving a few centimeters at the top. You may decide to curl each strand in a different direction to create different waves. Loosen your hair. For an extra special touch, separate two strands in the direction of your face and give them a twist. Done!

To keep the wave effect longer, use extra mousse or hairspray. This will also help add volume and accentuate the curl.

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