How should you take care of white sneakers and can you save the ones that have already yellowed?

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White sneakers are comfortable, timeless shoes that go with a variety of styles. Many people wonder what to do to keep these casual shoes looking beautiful and not yellowing. How to care for sneakers?

Care of white sneakers – how to care for bright sneakers?

If we want white sneakers to serve us longer than one season and delight us with their white color, we need to take care of the shoes every day (if we wear them every day, we should clean the shoes from mud and other dirt after each use, so that they do not oxidize and destroy the fabric). It is also worth getting a special preparation for impregnation – thanks to this clever measure, the material from which the sneakers are made will be resistant to the absorption of any stains. What else? It is a mistake to put dirty shoes in the box (after the season). Before we do this, we should thoroughly clean the shoes, so that with the arrival of spring they are immediately ready to wear. How to clean white sneakers? Here are our tricks to make even the toughest dirt and yellowing disappear without a trace!

How to turn yellowed sneakers back to snow white? Machine wash

The first way to clean yellowed, dirty sneakers is to wash them in a washing machine. Of course, beforehand we need to check whether the manufacturer of footwear recommends restoring shoes to freshness in this way. Remember to choose the program without centrifugation, the optimal water temperature is about 30-40º Celsius (higher may make the sneakers start to unravel). Before washing, remove the laces from sneakers – especially if they are colored, otherwise it is very likely that they will stain the shoes. Important tip – sneakers should not dry on a radiator or in direct sunlight (optimal for them will be room temperature)

Magic sponge in motion and white sneakers like new!

Another way to get your sneakers looking neat again is with a magic sponge, which is perfect for cleaning the rubber sole. With this inexpensive gadget (it is the expense of about 5-15 gold), we can make sneakers (rubber part) regain an aesthetic appearance. If you do not have a magic sponge at home, as an alternative to cleaning rubber you can use nail polish remover – just soak a cotton swab or cotton cloth and wipe in the yellowed / dirty areas. WOW effect guaranteed!

Baking soda and vinegar – a perfect duet

Another homemade way to clean white sneakers is to use food products that each of us has in our kitchen. Excellent results will be obtained by creating a slurry of vinegar and baking soda. So prepared concoction rub into strategic parts of shoes and leave it to dry. Then rinse the sneakers in water and that’s all.

Toothpaste – the killer of yellow stains on shoes

The last proposal to restore the cleanliness of white sneakers home-made is to use toothpaste. Just apply a little bit of toothpaste on a no longer needed toothbrush and vigorously clean the rubber parts of the shoes.

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