What to do with old jeans? Here are 11 ways to give them a makeover

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You don’t need the help of a seamstress to remake your worn-out jeans, you don’t even need a sewing machine. Check out what you can conjure up completely on your own.

1. Jeans with lace

Choose the places where you want to make notches on your jeans and mark them with a chalk (which can be easily washed off later). Then, place a ruler on the leg (you can do the same with the other leg – it all depends on your project), measure the part where you want to sew the lace and mark it with a chalk again. After cutting it out with scissors, go to the inside of the pants and sew the fabric in the same color as the lace. The final step is to go back to the top side and sew the lace on with white thread.

2. Fancy pattern on pants

Dilute the bleach with water, then put on a rubber glove and dip a sponge in the solution. Use the sponge to “paint” any pattern on your jeans. Don’t forget to wash them before wearing again.

3. Denim mascot

In this case, a sewing machine will be a great help. First, cut out the back pocket of your pants, fill it with cotton wool and sew it up. Bend the leg piece to create overlapping layers. Draw four paws and a head in chalk and cut them out, then sew them on. Pad each of these parts with cotton wool. Sew all the pieces together to resemble a turtle. Glue eyes to the head and sew claws on the feet.

4. Stitched Jeans

To create stitches, you will need several handkerchiefs in different patterns. Cut out square or rectangular pieces from them and sew them onto the pants so that they cover all or part of the leg(s) evenly. You can make your job easier by using fabric glue.

5. Painted short shorts

Place a piece of newspaper or other material under the shorts to keep them off the table. Glue horizontal stripes evenly spaced on the right leg and paint the space between them with white fabric paint. Cut out the stars from the stencil you printed earlier, adhere it to the other leg and paint the pattern with the same paint. By this time the stripes should have dried – tape them up and this time use red dye to color. Once the stripes are dry, decide what kind of top and accessories you want to match with your US flag patterned shorts. Remember that the above pattern is just one of many possibilities.

6. Handmade pencil case

On the leg of your choice, sketch a pencil case shape of any size. Cut out this part and two fragments from the waistband of your pants. Hem the latter with ribbon in your favorite color and sew in the middle of the fabric to form the side of the pencil case. At the end, sew in a zipper. To personalize its look, you can use tags, pins or fabric paint. You are limited only by your imagination.

7. Jeans with holes

As with the lace jeans, use chalk to mark the areas you want to cut out. To make sure that you don’t puncture them on the other side, put a piece of cardboard under the first layer. Once you’ve made the cuts, take tweezers and remove some of the threads to make the holes the right size. Finally, with quick but gentle strokes, wipe them with a razor

8. Original drawings

If you have artistic talent or know someone who is willing to help you, try this method. Using fabric paint and maybe a ready-made stencil, you can decorate the whole pants or just the back pockets, for example

9. Denim phone pocket

A perfect idea for those who have already decided to part with their pants, but would still like to use their material. First, cut out the pocket and the leg seam. Sew them together so that the second piece forms a handle. You can insert your phone into the pocket thus created and hang it on a charger plugged into an electrical outlet. This way you won’t have to worry about the contact located too far from the table or windowsill.

10. Claw-footed pants?

Cut a rectangle on each leg at knee height. Use chalk to sketch a cat’s muzzle – nose, eyes and whiskers – over each one. Use a narrow brush to apply fabric paint to the drawing. This simple way you can enrich your closet with “cat” pants. Of course, this is not the only animal that you can reproduce.

11. Any accessories

Applications, embroideries, patches, pins – decorating pants with them is very easy and the effect will surely appeal to you. And it can look different every time.

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