How should you care for your hair while you sleep?

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While we sleep, our body regenerates, but do we know that our hair rests too? That is why we should prepare our hair before we go to bed. But how?

When you are exhausted from a long day you just want to go to bed and fall asleep. But even though you quickly go to the toilet in the evening, do you think about taking care of your hair before going to bed?

Many of us complain about the unkempt look of our hair upon waking up. In order to have beautiful untangled hair in the morning, you need to take care of it the day before. So how do you actually take care of your hair while you sleep?

Let your hair regenerate

While we sleep, our body and brain rest. The night is a time of relaxation and regeneration for the skin. We therefore often apply creams, masks and cheeses to our faces so that in the morning we can see a rested and radiant complexion in the mirror

At this point it is also worth asking ourselves the question: What do we do about our hair? We should give them some attention to make sure that the night is a rest rather than a chore. As we sleep, our hair is exposed to a lot of mechanical friction. If you have long hair and sleep with your hair open, there is always a risk that you will squeeze your hair with your hand and pull it out. The hair may also tangle and form tangles.

In order to prevent mechanical damage and to prevent the hair from becoming even weaker, there are tried and tested methods, which may help you to give your hair a restful night.

Whether the Hair is Upturned or Pinned Up? How to prepare your hair for a good night’s sleep

The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming, and sexy. It’s best to keep your hair up at night (in summer, it’s the only way to do this, as the scalp doesn’t sweat as much)

Why? Hardly anyone sleeps through the night in one position, we usually change it. If you don’t tie your longer hair, you may squeeze it, pull it out or cause mechanical micro-damage.

Long unbound hair will tangle and in the morning you are likely to wake up with a frizzy hairstyle, which will be difficult to style. The best solution is to tie your hair in loose braids so that both your hair and scalp can breathe. Gathering your hair in a tight bun may unnecessarily stretch and weaken the hair roots and lead to hair loss.

Do not go to bed with wet hair

If you have washed your hair in the evening, you should dry it before going to bed. Wet hair is susceptible to micro-damage just like loose hair. Wet hair is more likely to break. Wet hair is more prone to breakage, it gets greasy quicker and not many women are satisfied with their hair when they get out of bed. If the hair is not dried, it will certainly look tangled, frizzy and unsightly in the morning.

Night Spa for Your Hair

You can treat your hair to a little beauty spa treatment before going to bed. Scraping your scalp in the evening (don’t rub or scratch!) exfoliates dead skin and stimulates your hair follicles. It’s also a good idea to wash your head with shampoos that contain vitamin E, as it improves circulation and stimulates follicle growth.

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