How do I prepare my skin for the vacations?

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Spring is in full swing, but it is already worth thinking about how to prepare your skin for the upcoming summer heat. But how to do it? We suggest!

Mainly people who have skin with a tendency to irritation, acne changes, broken capillaries or excessively dry skin, should implement a comprehensive skin care before the summer. This is because the excess sun rays may have a deceptively good effect on, for example, the healing of acne lesions

The sun “burns out” small pimples and the skin becomes smoother, but after some time the pimple rash will return with redoubled force, so it is necessary to protect the skin in summer. According to the well-known saying, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, in a few comprehensive steps we suggest how to prepare the skin for the holiday season.

Skin care before vacations – first peeling

Before we set off on our dream vacation, let’s prepare our skin for the sun rays, which will probably accompany it constantly on holiday. How should we start?

To give the epidermis a chance to regenerate we have to start our skin treatment with peeling. You can use ready-made preparations available in pharmacies or drugstores, but the healthiest for our skin will be, when we will give her home-made, self-prepared scrub. Such an exfoliating concoction can be obtained by combining a little (half a handful) of sugar with coffee grounds and some chosen oil such as argan

Massaging with coffee grounds is not only a great way to exfoliate the skin, but also a great way to increase skin microcirculation, which positively affects the fight against cellulite. Let’s not forget that exfoliating the dead skin, or the popular scrub, is a way to firm and smooth the skin. In addition to the skin on the body, you should also scrub your hands, feet and of course your face.

Step two: moisturizing

Another important step in skin care before the vacations is its comprehensive and multi-layered moisturization. Remember that after winter your skin (even the mixed one, without tendency to irritation) becomes a bit dry. Therefore, after peeling it is time for masks and creams that will provide the skin with a sufficient level of hydration.

Just as in the case of ways to exfoliate dead skin cells, when it comes to moisturizing the skin we can reach for ready-made cosmetics available on the market or treat ourselves to a home spa. When choosing products from the drugstore, pay attention to whether they do not contain alcohol and artificial ingredients, because such composition may further irritate our skin

It is best to reach for natural cosmetics, such as vegan, which recently conquered the cosmetics industry. It is very good to moisturize the skin lotions enriched with coconut oil. However, not everyone is a fan of coconut oil, so you can easily look for substitutes, such as almond or prune seed oil. Of course, the choice of product will also depend on what type of skin we have

Such moisturizing lotions can be applied to the body just before leaving home. The skin will be protected from the sun, but spreading it on your legs will highlight their tan, because the lotion will make them shine.

A very important issue in preparing our skin for the holiday season is also nourishing and moisturizing it from the inside. It is about leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Diet should be rich in vegetables and fruits, especially those rich in vitamin C (such as black currants), you should also drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day)

Speaking of vitamin C, it should also be contained in cosmetics that we use in the summer, especially those with UV filters. An even better solution is to use serums with vitamin C under the creams with filters. This will protect the skin against possible sunburn. Cosmetics with vitamin C also lighten discoloration, which unfortunately can appear on the skin just in the summer.

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