Makeup for a wedding. Here are some tips so you don’t have to go to a makeup artist

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Summer is the time when weddings and weddings take place most often. We suggest how, without the help of a makeup artist, to make a makeup that will not only be impressive, but also last all night.

Wedding makeup will definitely differ from our everyday makeup. It is usually characterized by a stronger finish and the use of more products than everyday. It’s understandable – events as big and important as weddings not only require the right outfit and hairstyle, but also makeup!

A popular option is to opt for the services of a makeup artist, into whose hands you place yourself on your wedding day. This has many advantages – professionally done makeup can make a huge impression. You can also get the same effect by doing your own makeup at home. By choosing this option, not only will you save time and money, but you will also be able to control the process and make any adjustments and changes to your makeup at any time

But how to do your make-up for the wedding on your own, without the help of a make-up artist, and do it in such a way that it will last all night? Here are 3 golden rules which will make a visit to the beautician unnecessary.

Choose the right cosmetics

An important part of makeup for a wedding is choosing the right cosmetics. It’s not just about the right colors and shades, but also about the finish. When doing makeup for celebrations, we have to remember that they usually last quite a long time. We certainly don’t want to run to the bathroom every now and then to touch up something. And often there is no time for that! Therefore, the cosmetics with which we make up for the wedding, should have a long-lasting finish.

If we don’t use foundation or we use a light BB cream, this time we should reach for a stronger, more opaque foundation. But do not overdo it – a too heavy product will be uncomfortable for your skin, especially in summer. Remember to fix your foundation with powder

When it comes to eye makeup, waterproof cosmetics will be our ally – mascara, eyeliner and even eyeliner pencil. This will avoid any smudges on your face and you won’t have to touch up your makeup.

If we paint our lips, matte and setting lipsticks are a good choice, but if we don’t like this effect, we can reach for the more and more fashionable nude lip glosses and lipsticks. Even if they disappear while eating or drinking, thanks to natural colors it will not be so visible

When your makeup is done, spray a fixer or fixative on top of it so that it lasts even longer.

Too much is not enough

Although parties and receptions are often associated with strong makeup that features colors, glitter and bolder choices, the one for a wedding doesn’t like to overdo it. While definitely stronger than everyday makeup, makeup should not dominate or overwhelm

The makeup trends that will work best this summer are gold, browns, pastels and glitter. The combination of gold and browns, although it may seem boring to some, is a safe and immortal choice. Such colors not only suit everyone, but also will harmonize perfectly with almost any outfit

An interesting and fashionable choice will also be to use only glitter on the eyelids, in a color that depends on us – it will definitely attract attention, but thanks to the use of nude lipstick or transparent gloss it will not seem exaggerated. If we have a dress in shades of beige, let’s bet on black eyeliner and red lips.

Opt for Comfortable

The last makeup tip for the wedding is to take care of your own comfort. Don’t experiment with colors and products just because they are trendy or you think they will work. If you’re not sure how a product works in practice, it’s better to reach for another one than to be unpleasantly disappointed.

If you feel uncomfortable with something while applying your makeup, change it. This will prevent you from worrying about a small detail all evening and you will feel more at ease

See also a pinch of inspiration straight from Pinterest:

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