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Clothes from your mother’s or grandmother’s closet are the latest fashion scream. All thanks to the grandmillennial style, which is breaking records of popularity. “Grandmotherly” closet is no longer a reason to be ashamed – the biggest fashion brands are inspired by it. Find out what clothes cannot be missing from your closet if you want to fit in with these trends.

Blouse with floral patterns

Composing your closet in grandmillennial style is a good idea to start by finding a blouse with floral patterns. You may find one in your mother’s or grandmother’s closet. If not, nothing lost. You will find plenty of interesting proposals in the stores.

In grandmillennial style floral prints we wear all year round. We only change the shades. In winter, dark colors will work better, and in spring – bright. Floral blouses are especially charming in models with ties and buff sleeves.

Airy dresses

Airy dresses made of lightweight materials are a staple of the grandmillennial closet. Their length does not matter here. The most important thing is that they should be feminine and comfortable. Ideal are light, airy schmisseries, which you can wear for any occasion. Also leading the way are interesting ruffles and pleats, which add lightness to the styling. Opt for a dress in your favorite color or in an interesting print, and you will feel like a true grandmillennial style icon.

Midi skirts

Speaking of dresses, it is impossible not to mention skirts. Without them, the grandmillennial style would make absolutely no sense. We are talking especially about midi length skirts. Particularly popular are the flared, pleated models. There is also no shortage of skirts decorated with fancy ruffles.

For colder days, choose a tweed skirt, decorated with two rows of buttons. Such a solution will make you look fashionable, and the thicker material will protect you from the cold.

Thick unbuttoned sweater

Even in summer, it is worth having such clothes in your closet, which you can throw on yourself in the cooler evenings. If you’re a fan of grandmillennial style, stock up on thick, knitted, unbuttoned cardigans. Thick weave and large buttons are details you should pay attention to when choosing the right model. Such a sweater thrown over a light, airy dress on a cool summer evening will look extremely romantic.

Pump pumps, sandals, stilettos, moccasins – grandmillennial style shoes

Our grandmothers’ favorite shoe model was pumps. This is one of the footwear options that we can choose when composing a closet in grandmillennial style. Sandals, stilettos and moccasins will work equally well. All kinds of decorations on shoes, such as bows, knots and buckles, look good.

Chest handbag

A trunk is a handbag model that is worth having in your closet, regardless of the style you prefer for everyday life. It is timeless and returns to fashion regularly like a boomerang. It will also work well in many stylings. If you want the most versatility, choose a handbag in a neutral color, such as black, white or beige. If you’re looking for a beach handbag to go with your grandmillennial style, choose a plaid basket.

Pearls not only for holidays

Recently, we wear pearls not only for special occasions, but also on a daily basis. Pearl earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are jewelry that will perfectly complement the grandmillennial style. Its delicacy will unobtrusively highlight the beauty, adding a unique charm to the styling.

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