How to make your own beach kimono/spread?

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The beach season is in full swing. The sun can be oppressive and it is good to cover your body a bit when you are on the beach for a long time. Therefore it is worth having a kimono for the beach or making one yourself – see how!

Women’s kimono for the beach is not only a good way to cover the body against glaring sun rays but it is also an effective part of summer styling. The fashion for this type of summer dress came to Europe from Japan.

However, the traditional form of kimono has been slightly modified by the western market and nowadays, if we mean a beach kimono, we mainly mean an airy cape, which has quite universal use.

It is an ideal cover-up for the beach. How to make a kimono yourself?

In clothing chains you will certainly find various styles and cuts of beach kimono. However, we do not have to follow the trends and buy what most of the ladies will probably have on the beach.

Making such a beach cover-up is not difficult, you just need to find the right inspiration, and there are plenty of them online. For example, in the social network Pinterest, which allows you to share visual materials, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make a beach kimono yourself.

To make such a summer, airy cardigan / jacket, we need a fabric with square dimensions, preferably 1.5 meters in width and length. Most of the ready-made fabrics have this width. As far as the type of fabric is concerned, it is a very individual choice, but the most important thing is that it should be light and airy. It may be, for example, delicate chiffon

The basis for making a kimono is creating its pattern. Our material should be folded twice to obtain a square with a side length of 75 cm. The necessary tools that will help us create the kimono will be: a tailor’s tape measure, scissors and string (preferably a thin one).

The first step is to measure the measurements and cut about 30 cm of fabric in an arc, from two-thirds of the height to the very bottom. After unfolding it once, we should sew the sides of our resulting kimono together, i.e. the semicircular parts on both sides of it

Then, in the middle of the folded part of the fabric, we make cuts exactly in the middle of the fabric, creating a place for the head, and parallel holes through which the string can be pulled through. Then, using a needle and thread, sew the string so that it does not slip out of the fabric

The beach kimono can be made in many different ways. As a cover-up worn over the head with tightly cut sleeves, as in the case described above

You can also choose lace fabric for its creation, especially in white color. White is a shade that will never go out of fashion. Depending on the width and length of the material you choose, your beachrobe may reach as far as your ankles or it may cover only part of your swimsuit. If the kimono is wider, we also have more ventilation, which is a relief on hot days.

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