How to decorate your apartment by yourself?

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An apartment should be a cozy place, where we relax and spend time with pleasure. But how to achieve this? Through decorations and ornaments. We tell you which ones to choose to make your four walls look beautiful.

Textiles for your home

The best and also the easiest way to beautifully decorate your interior are textiles. If you want to make your living room or bedroom cozier, a soft rug is a must. You can choose from different shapes, colors and pile lengths. If you additionally want the interior to gain a unique character, you can choose a carpet with interesting and unusual patterns, which will beautifully fit an art-deco climate.

The living room and the bedroom should also have soft decorative pillows. Again, you have a lot of freedom of choice when it comes to shapes and colors – you can choose classic square or rectangular cushions, round models, with an interesting weave of fabric or in unusual shapes

Or you could get a plain white cushion cover and some interesting pillowcases and change the design whenever you feel like it. As well as soft cushions, you could also use a warm blanket or a decorative blanket for your bed.

You can’t go wrong with window decorations, either. Beautiful curtains or roller blinds can completely change the character of your interior. You can choose from a lot of materials, patterns and textures that will give your apartment a pleasant atmosphere. If you care about a solution that combines the high aesthetics of curtains with the considerable practicality of blinds, then Roman blinds will be a great solution.

Wall decorations

In order to make the interior more expressive, it is worth to think about wall decorations. A good solution will be interesting wall murals. It is nothing else than a large format photographic printout, i.e. wallpaper with any photo printed on it. It can be a seaside beach, green forest or a characteristic point of our favorite city. The choice is really big, so you will surely find something for you and your four walls

If you want your wall mural to be absolutely unique, you can also opt for a wallpaper with a photo that you have taken

Interesting 3D convex stickers or magnetic stickers can also become an ornament of your walls and furniture. This is a small decoration, which, however, will give an extraordinary tone to your interior. So if you want to decorate your walls with such a small addition, custom stickers will be a great solution.

Plants for the apartment

A great way to quickly, but extremely impressive decorate your apartment, are also potted plants for the house. A huge advantage of such living decoration is the fact that in interiors rich in plants, we can more easily relax and unwind. In addition, plants produce a lot of oxygen, so the air in your apartment will be better

Some plants also increase negative ionization of the air, which positively affects our health. But which plants will work best for your apartment? If you care about undemanding plants, all kinds of cacti, or monstera and dracaena are great options.

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