What can you do to keep your hair from being limp at the end of the day?

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When the temperature outside drops, we increasingly put a cap on our heads. And while it protects us from the cold, unfortunately it does not protect us from spilled hair. However, there are ways that will guarantee you a beautifully lifted hairstyle all day long, in all conditions!


All hair care begins with washing your hair properly. The best shampoo is one that does not contain silicones, which weigh hair down and make it sticky. Don’t apply the product directly to your head, but first gently spread it in your hands. Massage the shampoo directly into your skin and rinse – the lather will be enough to wash the length of your hair.


To make your hair more voluminous, it’s worth using rinses, which not only lift your hairstyle, but also provide it with many valuable ingredients. We recommend beer rinses. They are effective in preventing frizzy hair, and at the same time provide it with plant proteins that make it thicker and shinier.

Masks and rubs

A not insignificant role in hair care is played by masks and rubs. Their regular application also prevents the effect of a sagging hairstyle. Some of them you can easily make at home, such as the one with avocado. All you have to do is mash the peeled fruit, apply it to freshly washed hair and rinse it out after half an hour. Your hair will increase its volume, be moisturized and strengthened.


Improper drying of hair can cause it to frizz. Remember never to dry them with too hot or too cold air. Lower your head and gently bounce them from the roots using your fingers. You can also roll them on a round brush to add even more volume.

The right hairstyle

If you don’t have a lot of time for proper hair care, but you want your hair to have a captivating volume, pin it up in a bun for a few hours. Once loose, they will bounce back on their own. Tying your hair into a ponytail will work the same way. You can even go to bed in such a hairstyle to enjoy the effect of a real lion’s mane when you wake up.


Backcombing your hair may seem old-fashioned to us. However, it’s not a classic strong backcombing, but a gentle lifting of the lower part of the hair. Pin the top layer of the hairstyle on the top of the head and gently tease the lower strands as close to the roots as possible. Once detangled, the hair will be perfectly lifted.


Just a few minutes of scalp massage with your fingers can benefit blood circulation in the skin. As a result, our hair will grow faster and become more bouncy from the root. Such a massage can be done even while watching TV – a pleasant experience!

Homemade sprays

If you want to bounce your hair quickly from the scalp, you can use products that you have at home. For example, starch spray works well. Just spray it on your hair at the roots and after a while you will enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

Homemade dry shampoo

You don’t have to buy ready-made dry shampoo to give your hair freshness while gently bouncing it at the roots. Potato or corn flour will work just as well in this role. Just rub a little of the product into your scalp with your fingers, wait a while and brush out the excess with a brush.


Use a straightener not only to straighten your hair or make curls, but also to lift it from the roots for volume. Insert individual strands between the plates and gently pull upward, rather than downward as usual. This will give you a light and fluffy hairstyle.

main photo: unsplash.com/Marvin Bellendorf

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