A few ways to decorate Easter eggs in an interesting way

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Making Easter eggs is certainly associated with our childhood. We all remember the blue or red fingers from dipping hard boiled eggs in dye

Today, such dyes are still available in the market, but it is a rather conventional way to decorate Easter eggs. Recently, there have also been voices raised about whether dyes are safe to use and whether they should come in contact with us and food

If we want to get interesting coloring of eggs in a natural way, we can use what we already have in our kitchen or can easily get in any grocery store. When we add onion skins to boiling water, we get a brown color. Red cabbage will color the Easter eggs blue. A few spoonfuls of turmeric powder will give the shells an orange color, and a handful of beet peel will give them a pink or purple color. The intensity of the dye, of course, depends on the amount used. You should also pay attention to the original color of the eggshells. The whiter it is, the more legible the colors will be. As a reminder, not only chicken eggs, but also quail or goose eggs work well as Easter eggs.

To depart from this we suggest alternative decorations, which may seem obvious. The most important thing, however, is that they are safe, and the effect may surpass your wildest expectations. Such an Easter egg will be an excellent interior decoration, not only for Christmas.

First of all, let’s look in our drawer with artistic accessories. Surely you will find there brushes, scissors, natural glue, paints, colored papers, tissue paper or confetti.

Second, hard-boil the desired number of eggs or make egg shells. Prepare a place to work by protecting the table or countertop against dirt, such as newspapers. When everything is ready you can start decorating.

If you want to let your artistic imagination run wild, start with paints. A simple, quick use of a brush and a bit more paint than usual, e.g. non-toxic acrylic, will give your Easter egg an artistic charm and an interesting texture. Remember that a thicker coat of paint takes longer to dry, so leave the Easter egg to dry for at least a few hours.

Do you have a lot of scraps of colored paper, tissue paper, or confetti that you didn’t get around to using up for any occasion? If so, great, your Easter eggs will get a party makeover. By gluing the pieces of paper together, you can create your own designs or stick on pre-cut shapes, such as flowers or bunnies.

Those familiar with the decoupage technique will definitely want to use it to make spring people as well. The egg is quite a demanding surface, but for skilled hands, decorating it won’t be too difficult. You can cover the entire surface of the egg with a doily or create a single image that you can place in a frame if you wish.

Having a crochet creation kit, you can use your skills to decorate eggs as well. Delicate, lacy “clothes” will be a real decoration of the spring table. More modern uses of crochet are also interesting, like the cute cap for an Easter egg, seen below, found on Instagram. It’s really interesting inspiration!

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Main photo: Daria Shevtsova/ pexels.com

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