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We all know that taking good care of your skin and hair is the basis of habits not only related to beauty, but also to health. Many of us are guided by the knowledge gained on YouTube channels, blogs, fanpages, Instagrams or the recently popular TikToki.

Information obtained there are often unreliable, mutually exclusive and more often work as curiosities and experiments than are the results of years of work and experience. Sometimes, following advice from the Internet can do more harm to your skin and hair than good. What to do in such a situation? Where can you get safe, proven knowledge that is backed by scientific research?

The answer can be found among the many books available in bookstores. Let’s buy and read first of all works of reliable authors, such as researchers, experts in their fields who are scientists or doctors. People with years of experience in a given field know how to convey their knowledge in an accessible way. Unlike many scientific articles available on the web, these books are written in language understandable to any layman. After such a reading, each of us will know the basic facts, be able to recognize valuable skin care products and safe ways to use them.

An example of such a book is Skin Beauty. Bible of beautiful and healthy skin by Dr. Anjali Mahto. Dr. Mahto is one of the top dermatologists in the UK. In her book, she describes things based on her own experience and the latest research from the scientific world. She debunks harmful myths and addresses important issues related to the care and health of the skin, the largest organ in the human body. It is a guide on the road to having healthy, beautiful skin for everyone who struggles with such common dermatological problems as dry skin, acne or wants to mitigate the effects of skin aging.

Below are some books recommended by the editors. Good reading!

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