How to do French and boxer braids? These methods will put your hair stylist to shame

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Braided hairstyles have been popular for several seasons and there is no sign that this one will change. There is no shortage of women with braided hairstyles at festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events. It always adds to the unique character and style. Find out how to do it!

Braided hairstyles are reminiscent of carefree early morning fun and unforgettable summer evenings spent with family and friends. It’s no wonder that in the age of pandemics we are so keen to at least evoke these moments.

We also love braids because they are practical and versatile. They work well as stylish party hairstyles, are a practical workout accessory, and are perfect for work or school. What’s more, it’s up to you how you want to style it. You may choose the wild version with colourful braids or the more subdued one for everyday use or for your wedding day. How to Create French and Boxer Braids

French Braid

The French braid is also known as the fixed braid, because the main strand is matched with another strand. This hairstyle is simple yet elegant. You may like to add jewellery, flowers or finish off with a chignon to make it perfect for big events. How do you do it?

Brush your hair and pull it back. Then gather a large strand of hair on top of your head and divide it into three. Start braiding your hair in a similar way to how you would braid a normal braid, i.e. alternating the left and right strands. The next step is to take a side section of hair. Separate a small section of hair and add it to the braid as it forms. A similar move is done on the other side. Each time, the strands will be selected thicker and thicker. Once you’ve worked your way down to the end of the braid, finish off with some more classic braiding until you’re finished.

Below, you will find a tutorial on how to create this hairstyle.

Boxer Braid

A hairstyle that will undoubtedly give you a lot of flair and character. It’s very easy to do, although it may take a bit of practice at first.

Brush your hair and comb it back. Then create a parting from your forehead to the nape of your neck and divide your hair into left and right sides. Tie one side with an elastic to keep it out of the way. Now start braiding the first strand of hair. To do so, grab a strand right near your forehead and divide it into three sections. Then start braiding like you would for a normal braid, but with the difference that you’re going to place a strand underneath the middle strand and not above it. The next step is to take a side section of hair and weave it into the braid. Keep braiding until you have finished braiding and start braiding the other side.

To make braiding a little easier, take a look at our video tutorial.

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