How do I clean oil off my paving stones?

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Paving blocks are a material used in domestic and public spaces. It is used, among others, to finish driveways, terraces, stairs and paths. It is characterized by high durability, hardness and resistance to weather conditions. Moreover, paving blocks are available in many sizes, patterns and colors, so everyone can adjust the variant to their needs and preferences. Although it has a lot of advantages, it is unfortunately especially exposed to dirt that is hard to remove, for example from oil. If you want to learn how to deal with them easily, read the following article.

Oil on paving stones – how to prevent it?

Pavement paving on your driveway is heavily exposed to engine oil contamination. In order to keep it in an appropriate condition, it is worth taking care of its impregnation. Special agents for securing paving stones can be found in most DIY, gardening and online stores. The purchased preparation should be spread on the whole surface, which we want to protect. This will make the material much more durable and resistant to abrasion. Moreover, it will not absorb dirt intensively. It is much easier to remove oil and other heavy dirt from protected paving blocks.

How to clean oil from impregnated paving stones?

As we mentioned above, removing stains from impregnated paving blocks is easy and doesn’t require any advanced measures. Just wipe the stains with a wet cloth or sponge or level them with a pressure washer. A powerful jet can usually handle even intense dirt. However, if oil stains are still visible, reach for a detergent for concrete surfaces. With its help, you will surely get rid of any dirt quickly and effectively. However, what if we did not take care of impregnating the pavement after laying it? The answer to this question can be found in the further part of this article.

How to clean oil from non-impregnated paving blocks?

Getting rid of oil from untreated paving blocks is not an easy task. Unfortunately, unprotected surfaces absorb dirt intensely, which makes removing it problematic and sometimes time-consuming. When oil penetrates deep into the material, it is not enough to use a strong water jet. In such a situation, it is necessary to reach for a special liquid for cleaning pavement from oil. If you want to know effective preparations, thanks to which you can quickly and easily clean your pavement even from the most stubborn dirt, continue reading this article. Below is information about the best paving stone cleaners that are extremely popular and have great reviews. They are sure to meet your expectations.

How to clean paving stones from oil? Reach for HeUs

If you are looking for an effective liquid to clean oil and other dirt from paving stones, check out the products at Their exceptional cleaning power is due to the selected formula developed by experienced and qualified specialists. HeUs products are completely safe to use and extremely effective. These innovative liquids and pavement cleaners perfectly clean the surface of even the heaviest dirt and discoloration.

Stubborn oil stains on your paving stones? Try OilEx Spray

The second effective product for removing oil from paving stones is OilEx Spray. This product penetrates the material and dissolves the dirt all by itself. It is designed for use in workshops, parking lots, garages, industrial areas, and at property entrance gates. It also adheres well to steeply inclined surfaces. It is characterized by exceptional effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, it is completely safe to use. Feedback from users confirm its high quality.

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