Clothes for the transition period – here are our must haves!

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Autumn is approaching, and with it the transition period. It’s high time to replace some of your summer clothes with transitional ones. Soon we will no longer need short shorts, strapless shirts or summer dresses. Have you been wondering what to put in your new closet? Discover our must-have clothes for the transition period!

Denim katana

A denim katana is a closet item that will be perfect for the transitional period. It will be good with jeans and sweatpants. It looks good over T-shirts, but also over sweatshirts. To it you can wear sneakers or sneakers, and a shopper bag. There are different types of denim katanas. The most popular are those in black and blue. You can choose the fitted or oversized one. It all depends on what you like to wear!

Beige coat

A classic, beautiful and suitable for almost any type of beauty color – beige. If you do not yet have a coat for autumn or winter, it is worth looking around for one in this shade. This is the kind of garment that every woman should have in her closet. It is timeless and strongly associated with autumn. What will it go with? The answer is simple – with practically everything! You can combine it with an elegant dress or skirt, but also with a shirt and casual pants. In addition, you can boldly combine it with jeans to create an interesting look!

Leather skirt

Leather reigns supreme on the catwalks! Leather clothing items are also seen on the streets. No wonder, because leather skirts are the hit of autumn 2022! Black, brown or burgundy?

Which one you would decide on and no matter what length – you will always look fashionable! Leather skirts are a great basis for a unique styling. Combined with an elegant shirt and stilettos will make it expressive and characterful.

Down jacket

Are you one of those people who are constantly cold? Do your friends tell you that you are quite a cold? This trend will appeal to you! Not only will down jackets be fashionable and stylish, but also very warm and practical. This type of winter garment will work in almost any situation. If you own it, morning trips to work in the cold will not be terrible for you. What’s more, you will look fashionable!

Denim black pants 

Do not have in your closet classic black pants? You absolutely must change it! This closet item is another must-have when it comes to transitional clothing. They go well with many styles. Depending on what you wear with black pants, they will pass the test for different occasions. You can put them together with a sweatshirt and a denim katana, topped with white sneakers – and you have an everyday styling. Paired with a white shirt, they will make you go to work or a business meeting. Be sure to stock up on them!

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