Are you a bride-to-be? Once you see this tutorial, you will be able to do your own wedding hairstyle

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The list of treatments a woman has on her “to-do” list just before her wedding is often endless. This means, therefore, that the bride-to-be, from her array of superpowers, must draw that power which, like a rubber band, stretches both time and… wallet. How to do it? We have a solution to this problem.

What specifically are we talking about? If you are preparing for your own wedding, and you want to save both time and money, you must see the tutorial we have posted below. It’s about a bridal chignon which you can do in just a few minutes. This will give you time for other important stories (we know that a visit to a hair stylist takes at least an hour and a half out of your day) and leave some money in the household budget.

This hairstyle is so simple to create and so spectacular to look at. How do you do it? All you need to do is split your hair in half and create two low ponytails. Then create two low ponytails. Next, roll the braids up and tuck one through the other. Finally, fix the chignon in place with bobby pins. Simple, right?

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