How to make a swimsuit yourself? It’s easier than you think!

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If you can’t find the perfect swimsuit or just want to get a unique piece of clothing, make it yourself! We will show you how to make your own swimsuit in just a few easy steps and it will meet your expectations.

Fashion for handmade accessories is not going away, in fact, it is flourishing – not only handmade jewelry, but also shoe, accessory and clothing decorations are becoming popular. By finding unused materials and taking a moment of your free time to sew something, you’re not only helping the planet and saving money, but you’re also getting a completely unique piece of clothing!

Swimwear is one of the easiest things to make by hand – we don’t need a lot of skills or equipment, other than a few basic tools and the enthusiasm to work. So how do you make a swimsuit yourself?

Make it yourself from scratch

One of the easiest ways to make a swimsuit yourself is to sew it from a t-shirt in size XXL (the bigger, the better) – this way you will get a top and bottom in the same color from one piece of fabric.

We spread the chosen T-shirt on a flat surface. To make a pattern, place on it the bra and panties, the cut of which you want to “borrow” in your new outfit – this will give you a general idea of how much fabric you need and how the final effect will look approximately.

Pin the bra and panties to the shirt. Starting with the panties, we slowly start cutting out the cut – we make modifications to their final cut, such as how much we want them to be cut out. Once we have two finished pieces of fabric, we sew them together using a sewing machine and also sew in the elastic band. We do the same with the top of our outfit – we cut out, making sure we stick to a good cut, and then sew the two pieces of fabric together.

If you want, you can sew on any accessories – beads, ribbons or even patches. Done!


You may not want to sew an outfit from scratch yourself for many reasons – lack of time, skill, desire, or the mundane lack of a sewing machine. But what if you want to freshen up your closet a bit and you’re bored with all your old outfits? Don’t throw them away – there are several ways in which you can remake your old clothes, modernizing the cut or just refreshing their look. How to remake an old swimsuit? It is easy!

One way to refresh the look of your swimsuit is to convert a one-piece into… a two-piece. Sounds trivial? The effect can be surprising! It’s the perfect option when you get bored with your one-piece or your size doesn’t suit you anymore

How to do it? Cut the swimsuit slightly above the navel line, thus obtaining high-waisted panties. However, if you do not like this cut, you may modify it according to your needs. Remember, however, that high-waisted panties are in fashion now and, besides, they are comfortable!

The top of the outfit, depending on its previous cut, can be sewn the same as it was originally, or changed – you can add a different clasp, neck tie, strings to tie the bra..

The second, even simpler way, is to enrich our old outfit with various accessories – if its cut is too simple for us, let’s think about adding this season’s fashionable tassels or beads!

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