How to give your clothes a unique look?

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Do you have clothes in your closet that you like a lot, but for some reason you are tired of wearing them? You can easily give them a unique look by following one of our suggestions. See how to give your clothes a new, unique character.

Dyeing your clothes

This is the best solution for clothes whose color has faded. Creating patterns on clothes with the help of preparations containing chlorine is more and more fashionable. Dyeing clothes with bleach is an easy way to get stunning results.

To change the look of clothes made of thin, delicate cotton, use bleach. Pour it into a spray bottle, add water and shake the solution. Then tie your clothes, such as a T-shirt or a dress, in several places with the fabric, and then spray the clothes with the bleach. Spread it irregularly, wait a few minutes, rinse it in cool water, and then machine wash it.

If you want to lighten clothes made of thick cotton or denim, it’s best to choose a strong detergent. Shape the garment into a lump, tie it with string and then pour the detergent over the garment. Leave it like this for a few minutes and when the fabric brightens up visibly, rinse and wash the garment in the same way. You can also buy fabric paints and make any patterns on your clothes.


This is another way to change the look of your clothes. It’s up to you whether you decide to get ready-made patches for your clothes or sew on lace, for example. An interesting solution is to create appliqués, ruffles or sleeves just out of lace material. Depending on the material from which the clothes are made, it is worth making patches also from other materials

This form of decorating clothes will also help you easily hide rips and holes in the fabric. Thanks to this, even the simplest shoulder strapped shirt can gain a new and unique look. At you can find clothes that you can alter in this way.

Contrasting inserts in blouses can be an interesting look. It is very easy to make and does not require any skills. You just need to prepare a template in any shape, scissors, any fabric, fabric glue tape and blouse on which you will make the patch (preferably cotton). If, on the other hand, you have rubbed elbows in your blouse or sweatshirt, you can sew decorative patches on them. You can find them in haberdasheries. All you have to do is to fit them, sew or press them, and you are done.

You can also add fringes to your outfit, which have been a trend for several seasons now. They will allow you to update your outfit and give it a boho touch. Fringes look best at the ends of your legs or at the bottom of your blouse. You can also give a simple skirt a makeover this way.

If you do not have manual skills, the easiest way to give your outfit a unique look is to sew some pearls on it. They will look elegant on your shirt collar or on your handbag. An interesting solution is to put them on shoes, for example sneakers.

Rhinestones will also look good on the shirt collar. Such metal decorations will also match shoes or handbags.


This is an interesting and aesthetic way to cover up holes and rips in your clothes. All you need is a needle and mouline and you can turn the damage into artistic ornaments. On the Internet you will find many tutorials on how to perform such mending. To make the transformed clothes look as natural as possible, you can make stitches in several places.

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