Rinses – the home remedy for healthy hair

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Before conditioners, our grandmothers always had an idea in store for hair problems. Rinses were mainly used to solve them. They were based on what could be found at home, or around the house.

Rinses are all-natural concoctions. Their regular use will help eliminate hair loss, dandruff, greasy hair. How and what do you make them of?

Rinses are usually simply water with the addition of one active ingredient. It can be herbs, such as mint leaves, field horsetail, nettle or rosemary, brewed just before use. Add the cooled infusion to about 500 ml of water.

You can also prepare a beer rinse – leave the light, hoppy beer to carbonate and add it to water, or a vinegar rinse. Add no more than half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water.

Remember that any rinse should be lukewarm at most. Use it after you have conditioned your hair so that the strands are already moisturized. Leave the rinse in your hair for about 10 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Combining the rinse with a scalp massage to stimulate your scalp’s blood supply will improve hair density and together with the active ingredients in the rinse, promote hair growth. Moreover, the massage also has relaxing properties and will help relieve stress and tension.

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Main photo: Maria Orlova/ pexels.com

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