The perfect bun? We know two ways to do it

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The chignon is a great everyday accessory to add a touch of class and elegance to your outfit, but it’s also perfect for big events. Do you think it’s difficult and time-consuming to put it up? Not at all! In this article you will learn how to do a quick chignon!

Don’t like to spend too much time in front of the mirror? Don’t think you have good hair skills? Are you looking for creative hair styles? Then we have a tutorial for simple but very stylish updos!

Simple yet glamorous

Brush your hair and tie it into a low ponytail. If you want to give your ponytail a bit of lift, you can tease the bottom of your hair first and fix the lift with styling powder. The next step is to divide the ponytail into two parts. Use a small scrunchy to secure the two strands together halfway down. Then roll up your hair and secure the twist to your head using a bobby pin. Pull a strand out to the sides and secure it with a bobby pin. Do the same with the other ponytail. To give the chignon more volume you may want to use a special filler and then roll your hair around it.

You will find a tutorial on how to create this chignon below.

The Elegant Disorder

If you have fine hair, it is a good idea to apply some texturizing powder to the roots before starting to style your hair. Then gently curl your hair using a curling iron. Then “divide” your head into three parts. To do this, take a strand of hair from the ears to the front. The next step is to divide the back hair into an upper and a lower layer. Make a ponytail out of the top layer, twist it gently and secure it with a bobby pin. Then lift the ponytail slightly to give it more volume. Then apply hairspray for hold.

The next step is to divide the remaining strands of hair into three sections. Tie each strand in the middle with an elastic. Then roll up your hair and pin it to your head like you did for the first hairstyle. Finally, pin the strands you left in the front into a chignon – and you’re done!

Here is a tutorial to help you create this hairstyle.

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Main Photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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