6 DIY Halloween Disguise Ideas

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Halloween is fast approaching. So it is worth not only to look for interesting and unusual decorations for your home, but also to choose scary disguises. Here are 6 ideas for Halloween costumes that will scare many a daredevil.

Halloween costume for scary parties

Are you dreaming of a costume that is great for Halloween parties? We will give you some suggestions on which costumes will impress your friends and also make you look original.

Classic zombie

This costume has been appearing on Halloween parties for a long time. However, everyone opts for ragged clothes and gray complexion. To stand out from the other zombies, invest in a good makeup. An elegant outfit will also work great to break the vision of a zombie in a sloppy outfit. You can also dress up with your couple. One person will be a zombie and the other will be a monster hunter with a brain as zombie bait in hand.

Deceased ancestors from the colonial period

Search your family tree and find ancestors from ancient times. Try to recreate their costume, and paint on bruises and remnants of diseases they may have died from. This costume will surely scare your loved ones.

Dark clowns

Clown with a red balloon has been a classic at Halloween parties for several seasons. You should look for inspiration for this costume in old clown movies. There the characters were definitely more dark. You can also make a surprising costume. Choose the costume of a cheerful clown. Paint a cheerful face. Put special red paint on your teeth. Only when you smile widely, your bloody teeth will be visible, which probably have already eaten someone.

Crazy aliens

An interesting idea for a Halloween costume will be an alien disguise. Relatively few people choose such characters, so you will surely stand out from the crowd. You can choose the whole outfit, for example in green color, or you can choose only particular elements. Do not forget sharp teeth if you want to be scary or a happy smile if you want to be funny.

Edward Scissorhands and the Rotting Bride

How about dressing up as iconic characters from Tim Burton’s movies? Edward Scissorhands inspires fear and affection. You will surely find an interesting costume that will bring to mind this character. Don’t forget about sharp scissors, the right makeup and crazy hair. You can also invest in a wig.

The Rotting Bride will be perfect for the ladies, but bolder gentlemen can also choose it. It will certainly cause quite a surprise. To create this outfit, it is worth going to a second-hand store and buying a wedding dress, which years of glory is already behind. It is enough to destroy it additionally, a destroyed veil will also be useful. It is essential to have a distinctive makeup and disguise ready.

Halloween can be not only scary, but also funny. Choosing the right costume should start a little earlier than a few days before the event.

Main Photo: A Koolshooter/pexels.com

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